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About Us the flintstones cartoon sex


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Contact Us About Faux Faux Classes the flintstones cartoon sex

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#1 in Quality, Design and Service
Custom Cabinet Refinisher and Refacer in San Diego County

Cabinets Refinishing

Cabinets Refacing

Cabinets Replacing

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Our Finishes Last Forever

For a fraction of replacing existing cabinets, we can refinish or re-face them and transform your kitchen into an Old World,Traditional or Modern Beauty. We can make upgrades to accommodate new appliances, improve storage space, add some decorative moldings, corbels, new hardware etc.... and you will have a kitchen more functional but with this special flavor from the past or complementing with today’s trends. Good looking and functional kitchen is an excellent place for any family or social gatherings and adds value to your home. And you get finishes that last forever in addition to:

  • Custom hand-crafted design to suit your personal style and color preference.
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    Timeless beauty and elegance, showroom quality and style.
  • Durable and lasting forever hand-crafted and multi-layers finishes.
  • Never worry about scratches or dents.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Choose your finish color for refinishing, refacing or replacing from: antique cherry, burgundy cherry, antique mahogany, walnut, expresso, ebony, and more...
  • Choose your finish application style from: French country or chateau, Tuscan villa, Spanish hacienda, Traditional, Modern, and more...
  • Choose wood species for refacing from selected or rustic:cherry, mahogany, walnut alder, hickory, and more...
  • Service you deserve, quality higher than you can expect

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Kitchen Cabinets

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Walls, Woodwork and More
Kitchen Cabinets
Walls, Woodwork and More

Interiors Reborn - From Rags to Riches

Show us a picture of your dreams and we will paint your dreams into reality

Services Available

Cabinets Refinishing Faux Painting and Plastering
Architectural Details Refinishing Fireplaces Refinishing
flintstone flintstone
the flintstones cartoon sexflintstoneflintstoneflintstoneflintstone Furniture Refinishing and Restoration
Woodwork Refinishing

For more information about our service call

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or go to Contact Us



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Cal Lic. 618636 Faux Finishes by Stan                                                   Stan Ziolkowski - European faux master

We deliver extraordinary product and service for a reasonable price. Read what others have to say about our business in About Us

Find more about what can be done with the Art of Old World Faux Painting Techniques in More about faux painting

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the flintstones cartoon sexflintstone See walls faux finishes samples in Sample boards

Personal faux training available: Go to faux classes

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Credit Cards Accepted

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2011 Faux Finishes by Stan       

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design by Stan Ziolkowski   

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